Henry Ford Early College

*Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing- Powered by Ford

Located on the Henry Ford College, this small high school is collaboration between the Dearborn Public Schools and Henry Ford College (HFC). The school has obtained a grant from Ford Motor Company. Students enter the school in the 9th grade to pursue a career in the manufacturing field. Successful completion of the 5 year program results in students earning a high school diploma and an associate of science degree, a career-ready certificate, and/or up to two years of college credit.

To qualify, students must be residents within the boundaries of the Dearborn Public School District and complete 8th grade.  8th grade students may apply January/February of each year for the following fall.  ADV MFG accepts 50 new 9th graders each fall and if more students apply than spots available, students will be chosen by lottery.

ADV MFG is dedicated towards Industrial Arts and Technology.  You may view the available degrees and/or certificates, here.  Degrees Available


Ms. Karry Bazzi, counselor

Dr. Winifred Green
Principal HFC Partnerships, Early College
Dual Enrollment, Collegiate Academy

BLDG A, Lower Level
5101 Evergreen
Dearborn MI  48128