General Information

We realize the abrupt closure of all the District schools for weeks is causing concern about many issues.  As we have answers, we will post them here. Keep in mind, this type of closure is unprecedented in modern times, so we need time to figure out dozens of different issues.  Also, information may change as the situation and our planning continues to evolve. Check back here for updates.

(Please be advised that under the Governor’s order only staff are allowed to enter school district buildings. Parents, students and community members are not allowed to enter the buildings until the shutdown is over. )

HFEC/ADV MFG/School of Education & Collegiate Academy
5101 Evergreen
Dearborn MI, 48128
Building A (lower level)
Fax: 313-317-1585

Office Hours 7am – 3pm

Dearborn Public Schools Calendars for 19/20 School Year

Henry Ford College Academic Calendar

HFC Commencements (5/2/2020)

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