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District calendar approved

Graphic of the district's 2023-24 school calendar

The Dearborn Public Schools Board of Education voted on Monday night to approve the new  contract with the Dearborn Federation of Teachers, which also sets the district’s calendar for the year.

The Aug. 21, 2023 vote approved the five-year contract, which also includes an updated salary schedule and a number of other details governing teacher employment.  The contract also includes this year’s school calendar and preliminary calendars for the next few years. 

DFT members approved the contract earlier in August.

For the 2023-24 school year, the calendar includes early release on most Tuesdays.  Starting on Oct. 10, students on Tuesdays will be released 90 minutes before their usual dismissal time.  The early release will give teachers time to meet in professional learning communities, which is a best practice.  Teachers have asked the district to provide more time for these responsibilities during their regular work day. The early releases replace seven late start Wednesdays and several half days that were part of school calendars for the last several years.

Schools are also working to develop plans to provide a supervised activity for K-8 students who need a place to be during the 90 minutes on Tuesday afternoons.

The most up-to-date calendar information can always be found on the district’s website at www.dearbornschools.org/calendars

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District calendar graphic – Aug. 22, 2023

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District calendar text – Aug. 22, 2023

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