Apr 05

Pre-Education Conference (Reduced Fee For Students)

Many students have conveyed that the conference fee is more than they can afford at this time. Recognizing this, administrators have agreed to reduce the conference cost to the 2012 fee of $10. We hope this will encourage students to attend this very important event.
Saturday, April 5, 2014 * 8am – 1pm
Henry Ford Community College
Andrew A. Mazzara Administrative Services & Conference Center (ASCC)
5101 Evergreen Rd.
Dearborn MI  48128
1.800.585.HFCC (4322)

For more information, please contact Lisa Pompa-Oppenlander at 313.845.9631 or lpompa@hfcc.edu


If you are considering a career as a teacher or a child development professional, attend the Henry Ford Community College Pre-Education Conference to get valuable information to help you make the right educational choices for your future.

At this conference, you can learn about:

~State requirements for teacher certification
~University programs for elementary, special education, and secondary teachers
~Programs for child development professionals and special sessions by people in the field
~Experiences of teachers, administrators, and human resource representatives to help you develop as a professional

There will be:

~Sessions to learn about the specific topics
~Opportunities to talk with representatives from seven teacher education universities and colleges
~Opportunities to talk with HFCC counselors and faculty about HFCC programs


Dec 17

Connecticut Tragedy

A letter from the Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent regarding the Connecticut Tragedy.


Dear Community Members,

I know all of us are deeply saddened by the tragic event that occurred in Connecticut on Friday.  As rational people we struggle to understand actions that are totally irrational and try to make sense of explanations that never will.

When we see the faces of the innocent children, the victims of this tragedy, we can’t help but see the faces of our own students.  When we hear of the heroic principal and teachers risking their lives to save students, we feel the pain and sympathize with those who knew and worked with these brave individuals.  For all of us our hearts are filled with sorrow and as a community we offer our thoughts and prayers to the families in Newtown.

Our staff does an excellent job of having “the pulse” of their school and over the next few days will be paying extra attention to how the students are reacting to this tragedy.  If any child seems  (Click for more information, Connecticut Tragedy)

Sep 15

A Letter From Mr. Fadlallah

Dear Parents of Henry Ford Early College students:

Welcome to what promises to be a very exciting and productive year at your school! As always, our goal remains the educational achievement of all of our students. Our commitment to you is to provide every one of our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful at any level and to be a lifelong learner.

I wanted to share some dates and events with you to get you even more comfortable with your school and with the education of your students.

  • AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING:  Our teachers will be available after school on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays until 3 pm to work with our students for extra help, tutoring, missed assignments, make up testing, or extra reading and writing support.
  • LATE BUS:  Starting Tuesday, September 18, and hopefully until the end of the school year, we will have a late bus available for our students who are bussed to school. Students will be required to stay with their teacher for the whole hour. At 3 pm, the teachers will escort the students to the bus for their scheduled route. Students who stay just to “hang out” will not be allowed to stay or ride the late bus. Please speak with your student about this.
  • LATE START:  Wednesday, September 19th is our first late start.  School begins at 8:35am.
  • 9TH/10TH HFHS ORIENTATION:  The freshmen and sophomores will have their Henry Ford Health System Orientation on Wednesday, September 19, in the MBCC Auditorium, Michael Berry Career Center, adjacent to the Early College. Students MUST wear their uniform that day. Please insure compliance; otherwise your students will be missing out on some valuable information. If your student is still in need of a uniform, please contact the Embroidery Shoppe at either 800.705.0400 or www.theembroideryshoppe.com.
  • OPEN HOUSE:  Please join us on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 5:30pm – 7:30pm for our Open House.  You will receive your student’s schedule and meet his or her teachers.
  • SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN:  The staff and I are finalizing our School Improvement Plan. This is a very important document that details in steps the kind of instruction and strategies to be used in our classrooms. When done, we will have a copy posted on our website for you to view and to make comments. We look forward to your input.
  • HFEC PTSA:  I’m happy to report that our PTSA is up and running. We have a new board that is dedicated to the improvement of our school and to the success of all of our students. Please consider joining the PTSA and volunteering your time. We need your presence and your input in the school operation.
  • COLLEGE CLASSES:  With this letter, I’m including a copy of the FERPA Release form. By signing this form, you will be able to discuss your student’s academic progress with his/her college instructor. It’s very important for you and your student to discuss this form, fill it out, and return it. We will make sure it’s filed in your student’s file at the college.  (letter mailed 9/14)
  • REWARD SCHOOL:  I am also pleased to announce that with the help of our faculty, the hard work of our students, and the sole support of our parents, our school has achieved the designation of a “RewardSchool”.  This states that our school is in the 95 percentile of all schools in the State ofMichigan.  With your support, we aim to continue this achievement.

I look forward to meeting all of you at our Open House. In the meantime, you can call me at any time at 313-317-1588 or email me at fadlalm@dearborn.k12.mi.us.

Majed K. Fadlallah, Principal

Dec 09

College Book Return/Receive

The Early College Bookstore will be open, Monday, December 12th through Wednesday, December 21st.

When you turn in your FALL 2011 books, we would like you to check out your WINTER 2012 books or receive approval to purchase books at the College Bookstore.

YOU MUST BRING a copy of your college schedule & a print out for EACH CLASS from the college bookstore.

It is as easy as

(1) Winter 2012



Click Here For Store Hours

Dec 08

Early College Principal Retires


Hello Parents and Students,

Before winter break is upon us and we part company for a few weeks, I wanted to share some news about the principal position at Henry Ford Early College.

On January 31, 2012, after a long and distinguished career in education, Mr. Larry Simon will retire from the Dearborn Public Schools.  However, effective immediately, Mr. Simon will be taking a medical leave and will no longer be the principal at the Early College.

I would like to personally thank Mr. Simon for his dedication to the students in the district.  He has served them as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal.  His experience and warm heart will be missed by all.  Mr. Simon did an excellent job of connecting with the students and staff as he worked to maintain a focus on student achievement.  His professionalism and dedication to learning has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of Dearborn Public School students.

As we wish Mr. Simon all the best, I would also like to announce that, beginning December 5, 2011, Mr. Marc Zigterman will take on the responsibilities as interim principal at the Early College.  Mr. Zigterman has worked as an assistant principal Fordson, principal at Bryant and most recently has been serving parents and students for the past five years as the Coordinator of Student Services.  I know Mr. Zigterman will continue to inspire and support the students enrolled in the program.

Although not common, it is not unusual to change school leadership at the mid-year point.  The district will immediately begin the search for a new principal and as always that process will include input from Early College staff and parents.  The cycle of education continues and only by working together can we ensure a smooth and productive transition for everyone in the Early college community.

Change can be difficult but children have a resilience that makes it easier for them to adapt and flourish.  We are committed to working with the students, staff, and parents to make sure this transition is successful for all involved.  If parents have any questions about this change, please contact me at 313.827.3022 or e-mail at whistob@dearborn.k12.mi.us

Brian Whiston

Superintendent of Schools

Nov 30

MSU visits Early College

An Admissions Representative will be visiting HFEC on:

Friday, December 2nd at 8:30am, in D170

11th/12th/13th year students who are interested in attending should sign up in the counseling office.

College reps, as well as college students, admissions counselors, and faculty, genuinely enjoy talking to high school students. They like to share their ideas about their college, and they all appreciate students who have thought about the college and want to know more than is in the course catalog or on the Web site. Try not to ask a vague question like “Tell me about your college,” since the rep will have no idea where to start. That can be frustrating for the college rep and the student, because the conversation will have no direction.  Ask questions like:

  • What are the two or three most popular majors?
  • If I am undecided about my major, are there services and support to help explore various majors?
  • What is the campus community like?
  • What do the students do for fun?
  • What are the extracurricular activities at the university?
  • How safe is the campus?
  • What are the kinds of students the college is looking for?
  • If I’m having difficulty with any class, where can I get assistance?
  • What is the town or city like where the campus is located?

Don’t feel like you have strange priorities or weird questions if something off-beat is interesting to you. College reps hear the same questions all the time, so they’ll be glad to hear something new.