Oct 08

ATTN: 11th/12th/13th Year Parents

You are invited Monday, October 13th, from 8am-2pm to learn how your child registers for HFC Classes (WebAdvisor-Winter 2015)

I realize that the 2014/2015 school year has just begun and everyone is getting into their new routines. It also means that it is time for our 11th, 12th and 13th year students to register for their college classes for the Winter 2015 semester. Your student(s) are in the process of meeting with Ms. Kobeissi to select the college courses they need. If they haven’t met with her, they need to do so ASAP. This is only part of the registration process.

On Monday, October 13th Henry Ford College will release its Winter 2015 schedule of classes (WebAdvisor). It is the responsibility of your student(s) to look through this list and select the sections (days/times) that best fit their schedules. Ms. Kobeissi does NOT choose the sections for the students. Once the sections are selected, the student fills out the green enrollment form they were given and turns it into Ms. Kobeissi no later than 2:00pm on Tuesday, October 14th. This needs to be done on time. Our students are registered for their classes BEFORE registration opens to the rest of the Henry Ford College students. When open registration begins, classes close quickly. If a student fails to turn in the enrollment form on time, he or she may miss out on a class that he or she needs.

This process is very familiar to some of you. For others, it is very new and confusing. If you are interested in learning how this process works so you can assist your student(s), I will be available to walk you through it. I will be in the computer lab at HFEC on the lower level of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) on Monday, October 13th from 8:00am -2:00pm. Please bring your student’s login information with you – the login id and password for their hawkmail. If you are a parent of a 9th or 10th grade student, you are welcome to come too!

Learning how the process works will give you an idea of what the students go through when they register for classes. It will also allow you to see when the available class times are so you can create a class schedule for your student(s) that best fits your schedule. This will help avoid a student choosing a class section, only to find out later, they don’t have transportation to get them there at that time.

Tuesday, October 7th
11th Grade Compass scores due
Sept. 22Oct 10th
Students meet with Mrs. Kobeissi or Mr. Fadlallah

Monday, October 13th & Tuesday, October 14th

WebAdvisor available for viewing

October 14th (Green) Registration cards due

2pm in the Early College Office

As always, your help and support is greatly appreciated! I look forward to seeing you on Monday, October 13th.

Thank you,

Kim Lamparski

Jun 03

Early College Late Bus (LAST DAY, THURS, 6/5)



Beginning Tuesday, September 18th, Henry Ford Early College will have a late bus.

Departs HFEC @ 3:00pm (Ann Arbor Trail Parking Lot)


  1. Dearborn High @  3:10pm
  2. Edsel Ford @ 3:20pm
  3. Geer Park @ 3:35pm
  4. Woodworth @ 3:40pm
  5. Fordson @ 3:50pm
  6. Lowrey @ 3:55pm
  7. Salina @ 4:05pm


The Last Day For The Early College Late Bus Is THURSDAY, June 5th.

Feb 28

Early College Testing Schedule MME/PLAN/EXPLORE

11th graders – (ACT/MME)

 Tuesday, March 4th                   7:35am – 12:15pm
Wednesday, March 5th               7:35am – 10:30am
Thursday, March 6th                  7:35am – 10:30am

10th graders – (PLAN) & 9th graders (EXPLORE)

Tuesday, March 4th                     No school
Wednesday, March 5th               Normal School Day (HFHS)
Thursday, March 6th                  7:35am – 10:30am,PLAN/EXPLORE Test.                                                       


RESUME schedule 

9th grade:

10:30-10:55   Lunch
11:00-11:25   1st hour
11:30-11:55   2nd hour
12:00-12:25   3rd hour
12:30-12:55  4th hour
  1:00- 1:25  5th hour
  1:30- 1:55  6th hour

10th grade:

10:30-10:55   1st hour
11:00-11:25   2nd hour
11:30-11:55   3rdhour
12:00-12:25   Lunch
12:30-12:55  4th hour
  1:00- 1:25  5th hour
  1:30- 1:55  6th hour



After school tutoring bus is cancelled for the week.

Jan 25

HFEC Yearbook

Please welcome & thank, Norieah Ahmed, our 2013 Yearbook Coordinator.

Hello all, staff, students and parents.  My name is Norieah Ahmed and I am pleased to be the coordinator for YOUR 2013 Yearbook.

I have created a yahoo email account for you to submit pictures and captions to be considered for material in your 2012-2013 Yearbook.


You can send any pic as long as it is school related via attachment in message, preferably from your college email (login name @ hawkmail.hfcc.edu)

**Students riding shuttles (HFHS/HFCC)
**Purchasing books @ the HFCC College Bookstore
**9th/10th graders during clinical rotations/clinical intensives
**Doing homework in the cafeteria
**Staying after school for tutoring
**Helping out in the HFEC Bookstore
**Program students (group photo)
you can submit a pic similar to the portrait pose that Lifetouch took, via email to Ms. Dani, (check hawkmail for more info)
**a 200 word or less “best memories” essay
**college status/future plans (graduating w/associates, receive certificate, going onto university to finish degree, etc)


Dec 22

Attn: 11th, 12th, 13th Year Students

What will you receive from Henry Ford Community College, an associates degree, certificate, in what area??

It’s time to log onto WebAdvisor and select ‘Program Evaluation’. Select one of the programs assigned to your academic record.. The Program Evaluation tool in WebAdvisor is the same tool the Registration and Records staff use to evaluate your record for graduation.


Dec 17

Connecticut Tragedy

A letter from the Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent regarding the Connecticut Tragedy.


Dear Community Members,

I know all of us are deeply saddened by the tragic event that occurred in Connecticut on Friday.  As rational people we struggle to understand actions that are totally irrational and try to make sense of explanations that never will.

When we see the faces of the innocent children, the victims of this tragedy, we can’t help but see the faces of our own students.  When we hear of the heroic principal and teachers risking their lives to save students, we feel the pain and sympathize with those who knew and worked with these brave individuals.  For all of us our hearts are filled with sorrow and as a community we offer our thoughts and prayers to the families in Newtown.

Our staff does an excellent job of having “the pulse” of their school and over the next few days will be paying extra attention to how the students are reacting to this tragedy.  If any child seems  (Click for more information, Connecticut Tragedy)